Spričevalo demokratične in pravne kulture EPP (European Peoples parties)


Testimony of the democratic culture of EPP

The below resolution on Slovenia, issued by EPP (European Peoples parties)  is clearly bellow  the standards of of The League of Yugoslav Communists that did not issue any statements supporting  the Yugoslav Peoples Army  case against Janez Janša in 1989. This resolution casts a devastating blow  on the  democratic credibility of the EPP.  Many a Slovene is shocked today: Is this the EU, we where once  looking to for protection of our democratic rights!? Political organisations on the EU level should do everything to enhance democracy, rule of law and human rights instead of doing  the opposite, that is the case here. We know there are many members of EPP with great democratic integrity. We expect them to speak up. Not for or against Janez Janša, but for democratic legal standards and decant behaviour of a European organisation towards a sovereign  state. There is still a possibility for the reporter, in this case Mr. Buzek, to apologise to the Slovene state authorities. It is clear, that he was misled by the one side, that  he allowed to abuse him.  He probably made some superficial comparing between his own Poland and Slovenia.  Those interested in details on the Slovene-Finnish-Austrian affair on corruption in international arms trade can go Austrian and Finnish press on the issue, as well as to some messages sent home by the US embassy in Ljubljana, published by Wikileaks. And EPP should direct their attention to the scandalous actions by EU states in the cases of president Morales and Edward Snowden. They should be firm about the abuses of democratic and human rights in Hungary as well as against blows against public media and universities in Greece.


EPP Resolution on the Situation in Slovenia (Eurpean Peoples Parties)

1. Slovenia is in a difficult economic situation and needs a broad support in the Slovenian population to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis and to pursue the economic and other necessary reforms to overcame the crisis and conclude the transition. In May 2013, the European Commission stressed that the state of the Slovenian judicial system is unsatisfactory. It imposed a series of corrective measures to the Slovenian government.

2. Expresses its concerns regarding the condemnation of the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), Janez Janša in first instance. Takes note of Janez Janša ́s appeal to second instance which will hopefully take place within prescribed term of 3 months. Reminds that the guarantee of a fair trial and presumption of innocence as fundamental rights. Expects that the on-­‐going procedure will not lead to the exclusion of Janez Janša from political competition.

3. Invites independent organisations, such as the Council of Europe and the OSCE, to follow closely the compatibility of the on-­‐going procedure with the rule of law and international standards.

4. The EPP fully supports its member party, Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), which is a major player in Slovenian politics, as well as New Slovenia – Christian Democrats (N.Si) and Slovenian People ́s Party (SLS).

5. The EPP underlines the need of an impartial and independent judiciary in all Member States. In this context calls for the swift adoption of rigid lustration laws in all Member States which have not yet done so, as well as their thorough implementation, and for a transparent and public scrutiny of this process.

6. Calls on the Commission to ensure that public procurement procedures in all Member States are following the requirements laid down in EU law, thus ensuring transparency and efficiency.