EU is fatally wrong on Catalonia

EU commission: “If a referendum were to be organised in line with the Spanish constitution it would mean that the territory leaving would find itself outside of the European Union.

“Beyond the purely legal aspects of this matter, the Commission believes that these are times for unity and stability, not divisiveness and fragmentation.”

This outrages reaction confirms what we know allready: EU is defending the interests of the capital not of the peoples of Europe. It is as if Josef Stalin or any other dictator spoke again: “these are times of unity and stability and not diviseveness and fragmentation”. EU has mixed up cause and effect: Catalan referendum and wish for independence is the effect of the use of force, political, military and police of the spanish government and their refusal to negotiate. As is brexit the response to non-democrataic nature of EU.

The root of the problem is lack of democracy in both cases. This is alarming, since democracy and existance of EU are based on fundamental values, on human rights, in this case on that of freedom of expression and of selfdetermination of nations. This are fundamental values for the very existance of EU.(Serbia is right to protest, since it is evident that EU has double standards, not the same criteria for Kosovo anad Catalonia. Bigotry is primal sin of EU. On hollydays EU likes to proclaim that it is based on values, and would like to base its influnece in the rest of the world precisely on suposedly european values that it is manifestly ignoring reagreding Catalonia.

It is extreemly alarming that it is now clear that EU is not capable to recognise the ineviatbility of the democratisation of Spain and emnacipation of Catalonia. Because EU is wrong, for it is not Catalans that are divisive and destabilising, it is antidemocratic governement in Madrid and antidemocratic commission in Brussels that are cousing “exits”. Catalans, as all other domocratic peoples aspire to international collaboration of free and equal peoples in Europe. Massive support for immigrants in Catalonia is a clear proof that Catalans re not excluding and chovinistic.

The validity of fundamental human rights on which EU is based, and with it much of the conteporary global civilisation, cannot be denied by any constitution. It may be usefull to remind ourselves, that these principles, with their roots in the european democratic traditions from ancient Greece on, were widely recognised in the age of enlightenment. And it is these principles that were basis for the liberation of the United states, the French ravolution, voting rights for working class and women and liberation of colonies.

So why should Europeans of today support democratic regression?